As Two Such Men Should Be

In response to Kayla's challenge vis, Xander is not gay, Spike has never had sex with another man but in this single case Xander is feeling..... adaptable.     Can he persuade Spike it's the real thing?

(Where would we be without Rocky? Oh, yes, quoting Shakespeare, instead, from whom I poached the title. It's a line from Julius Caesar)

Author: Mwrgana
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: NC-17 over-all
Notes: thoughts: <Xander's>   {Spike's}

Disclaimer: Spike is all mine, he just hasn't got here yet, when he arrives I won't have time to write. Joss is living in LaLa land. He can have him back when he plays with him properly.

Feedback: Yes, please. My first-ever fic, so be gentle. Flamers will be covered in crunchy peanut butter and fed to my rats. Seriously, feedback is seriously yearned. Please, feed me!


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