Chapter 12

~~~ …. jungle
We've got fun 'n' games
We got everything you want
Honey, we know the names
We are the people that can find
Whatever you may need
If you got the money, honey
We got your disease…

As Axel Rose's tender lyrics filtered through Xander's 98%-asleep and befuddled mind, he slapped the alarm off, wondering just when his usual Country station had started playing Rock.

~~ Welcome to the jungle /Watch it bring you to your / knees, knees / I wanna watch you bleed...~~ Very persistent Rock, at that: as he settled back into sleep and his movements stilled, he realised that the music was still going on and he swiped again at the alarm's off switch. ~~~ Welcome to the jungle / We take it day by day / If you want it you're gonna bleed / But it's the / price you pay … ~~

Nope, still playing.

< Damn, I don't even need to get up today. All the work mornings when it's let me switch it off and I've slept in late… >

~~And you're a very sexy girl / That's very hard to pleas e~~

He picked up the clock-alarm-radio, shook it, ~~ You can taste the bright lights / But you won't get them for free ~~ then watched as it flew across the room, his unco-ordinated manipulations having wrenched its plug from the power socket. ~~In the jungle / Welcome to the jungle… ~~

"Well, that's all fine and dandy, isn't it?" he complained aloud.

~~Feel my, my, my serpentine / I, I wanna hear you scream. Welcome to the jungle / It gets worse here… ~~

The singing suddenly came to a stop and Spike, rubbing a towel through his hair, stood in the doorway looking perplexed. "Wassa matter?"

Xander, mouth agape, looked at the naked, wet vampire. Spike preened and smirked back at him. "See something you like?"

"No! I mean, yeah but… You! You just broke my alarm!"

Smug reverted to perplexed as Spike looked between the smashed appliance on the floor and his young lover in the bed.

"I've just been having a shower, Harris, how the fuck could I have broken your bloody alarm clock? 'Sides, I just saw you throwing the thing." He sighed, inwardly, {And let's hear it for yet another of old Spikey's deranged paramours. Between "loony magnet" and "demon magnet", surprised we never got together years ago} Shrugging, he walked back to the bed once again towelling his hair dry, ~~My way, your way / anything goes tonight… ~~

Xander yelped, "See? That's what I mean! You! Singing! Thought it was the alarm … couldn't stop it," his voice trailed down as he snuggled back under the covers, making room for the vampire to join him. "Sort of shook it too hard, I think. Just slipped out of my hand." The lad wriggled happily as Spike settled in next to him. "Mmm, nice, cuddly… eek! And wet… vampire. Hmmm, okay, cool and refreshing. Go sleep now? Shout't you later."

"Uhuh, not the plan. Remember? We decided that I was going to arrange something in the way of breakfast in bed for you. And this is your wake-up call; don't even have to get out of bed. Unlike me, who's been up and showered - all morning-fresh for your oral delight - and also grabbed me some blood: to keep me strength up, you understand."

Spike was smugly self-satisfied with this evidence of early-morning initiative and, feeling it required its due accolade, he leaned in and drifted his lips over Xander's then softly licked the boy's bottom lip. Xander moaned and pulled the blond close to him, thrusting his impatient tongue into the cool mouth. "This doesn't mean I forgive you," he mumbled, "just don't feel like complaining about it right now."

"Quite right, luv; you gotta claim your early-morning protein an' I gotta practice me some character-building self sacrifice -I wouldn't do this for just anyone, you know. Don't want to waste time talking do we?" To emphasise his point Spike, presumably still affected by his recent musical forays, started practising adagios with his tongue: along Xander's lips, over his teeth and across his tongue. "Just make sure you keep awake, though; you got things to do - and I get the feeling you'd sleep through an earthquake."

"Did once," came the muffled reply. "Window fell in."

Spike quirked his eyebrow in amusement but decided to keep what promised to be an illuminating anecdote for later… much later, he decided.

With Spike's hands drifting all over his body, Xander soon forgot how to talk anyway and, growing more awake by the second, decided it was high time he started using his mouth for other reasons. Pushing Spike onto his back, Xander started tentatively running his lips along the other man's jaw, over his chin and down his throat to his collar bone. As he ran his tongue along the line of the vampire's sternum, feeling hard pecs pressing against his face and pronounced abs supporting his chin, he sternly forced an unexpected chorus of " Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones " - along with accompanying un-manly-like giggle - into the critical and logical part of his brain where, consequently, they immediately became lost to all current access.

Feeling the slightest of trembles, Spike looked down to see what had caused it but Xander was, by now, paying full-minded attention to quite gently, but doggedly, chewing off Spike's left nipple. Spike's mouth twitched, not only from the searing pleasure coursing through his flesh but at whatever had momentarily distracted Xander: he recognised a nascent chuckle when he felt one. Relieved that the boy's reaction was so positive and relaxed, he sighed and buried his fingers in dark, silky hair. Seconds later he was involuntarily thrusting his hips up as Xander's head moved downwards. Damn it, he didn't want to panic him but bloody hell…

Far from feeling panicked, Xander moaned into the sweet, damp skin beneath his mouth and his hard grasping of Spikes' hips was an empathic reflex and not a nervous attempt to deflect his lover's need. His mind whirled as it considered that one small movement - that spontaneous reaction to what he was doing -and his breath hitched, his cock becoming rock hard at the effect his actions were having on the other man's body. Groaning with exhileration, he resolutely pushed away all thoughts of his lack of experience with men - and how he would compare to Spike's other lovers. Right now, he knew exactly what he was doing; the sex of the body he was doing it to made no difference to his ability to tease and inflame it. He looked up at Spike's face and saw nothing but rapture: eyes closed, the vampire was chewing his lips frantically, to moisten a lust-dried mouth, with no sign that Xander's attentions were lacking in skill.

As if feeling Xander's gaze the vampire's eyes opened, the pupils so dilated that only a small ring of blue iris remained. "Take me in your mouth, Xan, suck me. God, please, suck me." The hoarse plea, no, demand, somewhere between a whisper and a groan, sent Xander's blood racing and he hurried to accede to it; at last, this was what he had wanted. Then he hesitated, his mouth hovering just above Spike's cock. For a second, panic surfaced: could he do this without embarrassing himself and disappointing Spike?

"Fuck, Xander, now. For fuck's sake suck me." A command, this time, however shaky the voice, and the grasping fingers were pressing encouragingly on the boy's head.

As the first drop of pre-cum formed, bubbling enticingly from the narrow slit, Xander let intuition take over and he bent his head to that beautiful column of hard flesh. Licking gently around the head, Xander moaned, not only at the taste and texture but also at the hissed gasp of delight from Spike. Stiffening his tongue, he applied the very tip of it to the glistening slit and deftly lifted that clear drop of liquid into his mouth. Such a small, easy action but with such huge ramifications.

Thoughts jostled through Xander's brain, shoving and pushing to shout their warnings and words of wisdom to him. But loudest of all was the thought that this was Spike in his mouth; Spike who had been in his body; Spike, who was… And then his mind grabbed hold of a paralysing thought. He froze and then pulled sharply away.

"Spike, get out of bed. Get dressed now."


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