Chapter 10

"C'mere." Spike's voice was low and ragged from across the room. He had led Xander out of the bathroom, holding his hands and pulling him towards the bedroom. At the bedroom door Spike had let go and walked backwards to the bed never taking his eyes off Xander who stood, unable to walk by himself from the doorway.

Spike sat on the edge of the bed, skin glistening with water drops which fell from his hair. They pooled in the dips of his collarbone before running down the hard muscles of his chest and stomach to soak into the nest of dark hair framing his pale, hard penis. He held out a hand to Xander who, despite the towel over his shoulders, was shivering harder as his skin air-dried - and more especially as he looked at the naked vampire waiting for him on his bed.

Despite what Xander had told him, Spike knew that soft words and reassurances alone would not suffice to help them both through this first time. {on to plan B. If he wants me to tell him what to do…} "C'mere, Xander." This time Spike spoke louder and more commandingly.

Xander gulped at the tone of voice and just stared as Spike imperiously beckoned with his hand.

"S'matter Luv? I know you're nervous; first time for us both. Going to be good, though." A soft, comforting voice this time.

Xander, feeling reassured, started towards the other man. Spike's hands reached out to the still-trembling youth and stroked his chest, his sides, his flanks and down the outside of his legs. Spike dragged his fingers back to Xander's hips and clutched hard enough to leave bruises; looking up, he avidly watched the play of pain-to-pleasure ripple across the brunet's face. Licking softly along the other man's stomach, Spike ran his thumbs lightly up the inside of Xander's thighs. Xander was on a knife's edge. His erection burned for a touch but Spike teased, the vampire's hands and mouth moving everywhere but where they were wanted most.

Spike's hands swerved off to each side as his thumbs reached the junction between Xander's legs and torso and Spike lifted his mouth from its ministrations to speak again, "You're shivering, Xan. I like seeing you shiver. Gonna make you shiver and shudder and scream. Do you want that, huh? Wanna scream for me?" Tracing the contours of Xander's hips - running his fingers over one hipbone, drawing circles with his thumbs in the dip just below, fluttering fingertips over the places where bruises would soon form - Spike looked into Xander's eyes.

Xander felt so tense that the slightest shiver - and there were plenty - felt like an earth tremor <so this is what they mean by the earth moving - I thought that happened at the end>

Looking back at Spike, Xander could see something in his expression that he had never seen before. It was not mocking, nor was it the belligerently aggressive look he had seen so many times when Spike had been his enemy. It certainly wasn't the gentle, reassuring look he had seen not so long ago nor was it the glazed, heavy-with-lust look that they had shared the last time they were in this room. Oh, the lust was there, and so was a certain reassurance, but they took second place to an expression of calm, self-assured dominance.

Xander suddenly realised, with a twist of his stomach and a rush of blood to his already engorged cock, that this was Spike the Master Vampire before him, easy in his skin, with no need of bluster or show to emphasise his natural superiority. For the first time, Xander comprehended just how much Spike had lost when the chip had been inserted into his brain and the realisation hit him like a punch to the stomach. He gasped, or moaned or said something that sounded, through the ringing in his ears like, "Ahm.. you.. nargh." At which, Spike's lips twisted and he growled the one word, "Down."

Xander sank to his knees between Spike's legs and hesitated for a moment, thinking that he should take Spike's penis in his mouth. Licking his suddenly very dry lips, he bent towards his goal. Before he could reach it, however, Spike gently pushed him back, taking the towel from his shoulders, draping it over his head and gently drying his hair. Xander, knowing that all initiative had been taken from him, <and aren't I glad of that little blessing> relaxed into the caress, happy to follow Spike's lead.

Spike abruptly thrust the towel into Xander's hands and lay back, stretching out on the bed. "Dry me off."

Gazing at the beautiful body in front of him - the forbidden male body that he had spent so many weeks lusting over and agonising about - Xander used the soft fabric in his hands to reverently stroke the gleaming skin and defined muscles. Leaning down, he licked the pebbled nipples and followed the sternum down to the ridges of Spike's abdomen. Xander was heading once more towards the column of swollen flesh that he was so desperate to taste and feel against his lips and tongue when Spike again stopped him.

"Not yet. Gonna make you really want me, pet. Gonna make you beg." This time, Xander was sure that it was a whimper that escaped his lips but, as he fought for words to express his need, Spike pulled him up and onto the bed. "Lie still and shut your eyes. Don't talk, don't move, don't look."

The rasping voice assaulted Xander's ears like something physical and he sank gratefully into the bed's embrace, ceding all he was to the creature above him. Spike started slowly, reassuring with butterfly kisses over Xander's face and tender bites to his jaw and collarbone. His gaze roamed hungrily over the tanned body that was unexpectedly his to do with as he pleased. He had a feeling that Xander would soon be confident enough to take the lead but for this first time Spike was exultantly in charge. His soft caresses became long, languorous licks around Xander's blood-pulsing throat and across Xander's strong shoulders. He twisted in to torment peaked nipples that had never received such attention. Unable to stop himself from reacting to Spike's teeth at this sensitive spot, <ohhhhh, why hasn't someone done this to me before?> Xander groaned and arched into his touch.

Immediately Spike moved up and away, "Still, or we stop." The vampire's words were quiet but harsh as a steel hawser and left no room for doubt that he was the one calling the tune.

For moments that felt like hours, Xander tried to display his silence and immobility, fighting hard not to open his eyes and plead his case for continued bliss. As he obeyed Spike's command, he realised how liberating the loss of all control, over what was to happen, could be. < I'm acting out a rape fantasy! Just enjoy, no blame, no shame, no regrets… God, this feels so good... > Finally, he was rewarded with pliant lips dragging against his own.

"Shush, now, little one - so much time, gonna have you begging and roiling in my arms - but just for now you do nothing but feel." Spike felt his own excitement rise at Xander's willing submission and grabbed the young man's hands. Interlocking the lax fingers with his own, he held their hands fisted against Xander's side as he resumed his self-indulgent worship of the body beneath him.

Licking and kissing his way down one leg, pausing to draw the toes into his mouth before returning along the other, he smiled briefly as he saw Xander's clenching stomach muscles, as he covertly attempted to overcome Spike's interdict against moving. The smile turned evil as he hovered above Xander's cock alternatively blowing sharply on the tip and breathing softly over it. He lowered his open mouth, encompassing Xander's penis without touching it.

Xander squirmed as he felt the humidity around him and tried to obtain some relief from the sweet torture that was tearing him apart. His movements brushed the head of his penis against Spike's teeth and lips and each groaned from the contact. As Spike drew his head back, he released Xander's hands to take hold of his face and stroke the closed eyelids with his thumbs. "Open up, Xander. Time to join me."

Xander's eyes flew open and Spike saw desire burning in the nearly-black depths. "Oh, yeah, that's my beautiful boy. You want me, don't you, pet?" Permission to speak now restored, Xander found the ability flown and, replying with just a groan, he dived to bury his tongue in the cool soft mouth that pressed against his. Again, tongues mapped out mouths, tracing the hollows and ridges of palates, the slippery, smooth, so-soft flesh beneath tongues, the hardness of teeth that would nip teasingly - and again and again, caressing kiss-swollen lips before repeatedly raiding the insatiable mouth that belonged to the other.

And all the time hips continued to grind together; heavy, swollen cocks surged against each other, seducing with the slide of silken skin against silken skin and the tantalising burn of soft flesh against harsh hair. Legs were entwined, hands fought to bring their bodies ever closer.

Xander thought he could not tell where he ended and Spike began until Spike's cool mouth engulfed his erection, sliding wetly back to the head, and Xander screamed as the recognition of his own body hit him in a wave of pleasure higher than any he had known. The feel of Spike's tongue around the tip of his cock was electrifying.

Xander jerked spasmodically as Spike increased the pressure and wrapped his lips tightly around the ridge of Xander's cock, sucking hard, harder. Xander watched, entranced, as the blond head sank lower, again, taking more and more of him into cool wet depths of a mouth Xander never wanted to leave.

Drawing his mouth back up the length of the {beautiful} hard, pliable, {addictive} penis, Spike let his teeth gently graze the aching {delicious} flesh and, looking into Xander's eyes, he moved up and down the {oh, yesss, so beautiful} cock he was worshipping: moving faster, sucking harder, moaning at the erotic feast overwhelming his vampiric senses.

"God, yes, Spike. Oh God, harder, please, oh God, that's so good. Oh, Christ, I never…. More, yessss, don't stop, please. Fuck, Spike, Spike, unngh, don't stop." Xander was thrashing around as if even the friction of air against his body could bring him relief. And when he felt Spike grasp his balls, kneading them in their sac, he knew that nothing else could feel this good, until he felt Spike's wet mouth pulling them in, rolling them around with his tongue, all the while maintaining pressure on Xander's cock with his hand. Then something completely new overwhelmed Xander's senses and he realised that it was Spike's thumb, circling, pressing, teasing, at his opening. Before his fevered mind had chance to panic or tense his body, he felt a slick finger pushing into the ring of muscle, swirling around, barely inside. Not leaving the wonderful grip of the tight muscles, Spike's finger was teasing, stretching and testing, introducing new delights and Xander never wanted it to stop and now Spike was again devouring his cock. "Oh, yeah, Spike, so good, so… ummmmm, oh let me, I want…"

As Spike worked mouth and hand in counterpoint up and down Xander's cock he slid two fingers all the way into Xander's body. Groaning, he revelled in his exploration of this sweet, hot tightness that held him so fiercely in its virgin embrace. {oh yeah, Harris, should've done this a long time ago. So hot inside you, so tight. Beautiful boy}

Xander felt the white heat of orgasm building furiously and he struggled to meet it, thrusting into Spike's mouth and jerking back to impale himself farther onto Spike's fingers. "Spike, incredible, so… I… oh, gotta cum… dear God, gotta… let me please…" He hoisted almost his entire weight onto his hands, desperately seeking the leverage his body demanded as it see-sawed between the two points of exquisite stimulation.

Xander screamed his climax, his body arching excruciatingly into a taut bow. <what the hell does he do for his women, when he's doing something he's used to?> While Spike drove deeper into him, everything inside Xander coalesced into one shining hard sphere of release. He could feel Spike murmuring something against his flesh as Xander shot jet after jet of cum into his lover's willing mouth and he thought randomly, hysterically, about his mother's admonishments against talking with your mouth full. He fell back onto the bed as his muscles collapsed and his mind shut down under a swirling cloud of red and black and fulfilment.

As his gasping finally slowed to something resembling breathing, and life started to seep back into his muscles, he lifted his head to look at Spike who was now lying beside him, head propped on hand, looking back at him with an impenetrable expression.

"I give you the best sex you've ever had and all I get is, 'Shouldn't talk with your mouth full'?"

Xander dropped his head back, cringing. And, yes, there it went, the quirking eyebrow in all its ironic glory. "Um, I didn't, I mean, it… just that, damn! I never meant to say that, never meant to think it. Was thinking how you must be when you…" Xander closed his eyes in despair and sighed. "But, Spike, God, seeing you, with me in you, and feeling you… vibrating… against me…." Xander opened his eyes quickly as the flashback became too intense. "I think some part of my brain was trying to ground me before I went for total meltdown." He stared wildly as Spike's face lowered to his.

"Nice mix of metaphors, there, luv, but I'll take it as a compliment. I'm going to have to get you to stop talking, though, aren't I? Just remember what you said, when it's your turn."

"My turn? It's my turn?" Xander eagerly scrabbled to get up but met with firm resistance as Spike pressed against his shoulders. "Soon, pet, but I'm not finished with you. I wanna take you, now." Xander tremulously watched Spike as his pale hand grabbed a generous amount of cream from the pot on the bedside table. Spike moaned as Xander reached out a hesitant hand to join his own in smearing the slick substance up and down the vampire's urgent erection and Xander thrilled at this sign of the vampire's approval of his small act of initiative.

Wrapping the youth's hand around his thick, slippery length, Spike nuzzled into his hair. "Want to be in you, got to feel you tight around me, Xan, wanna hear you moan as I slide inside you." Their mouths met again and Spike drove his tongue deep inside Xander's mouth as if to demonstrate his intentions.

The part of Xander that hadn't been turned to a quivering puddle, registered the fact that the few muscles that still worked were frantically tying themselves in knots at Spike's heady declamations of need for him. He also realised that Spike's fingers had never pulled out of his body and were driving in and out in the same rhythm as Spike's tongue through his lips.

Spike pulled his mouth back a fraction from Xander's, "Want me turn you over? Easier for you?" Spike mumbled somewhat incoherently.

Xander's constricted thought process struggled with this decision, "No, both of us… want to see… together…"

Spike understood perfectly and, panting need, pushed Xander's legs farther apart, guiding them up and back. "Come on then, baby, open up for me. Oh yeah, you like doing this for me, don't you? That's it, wider, pet, just like that. Let me see you, let me feel you. You want me in here, don't you? Want me doing what ever I want to you? Gonna use you, Xander, play with you as long I feel like it. That what you want? Yeah?"

Xander again felt the erotic rush of following Spike's commanding directions. The barrage of lascivious questions twisted and warped his emotions until embarrassment was overwhelmed by the searing wantonness of being exposed and vulnerable to the mercy of this man. "Here, Xan, gonna give you more." He eagerly suckled at the finger Spike pressed into his mouth, soaking it avidly with his saliva as he anticipated its entrance into his body.

Spike drank in Xander's changing expressions, relishing the way the brunet appropriated Spike's dominance and made it his own delight. Lowering his eyes, Spike was rewarded by the erotic sight of Xander spread and voluntarily displayed to him. Pulling his finger from the warm wetness preparing it, he circled it around his lover's enticing entrance, before slipping it in to join the fingers still exploring inside. Spike hooked his fingertips around the bud-like muscles and watched greedily as the tender opening widened and relaxed, welcoming him. "Oh yeah, got to have you, gotta fuck you. Can't wait, Xan, got to be inside you. Put your legs over my shoulders, luv, let me in." Spike clashed their mouths together, frantically chewing at Xander's lower lip, sucking it into his mouth, grasping it with his teeth.

From deep within the comfort of the kiss, Xander felt regret as Spike withdrew his fingers but involuntarily started to scoot back when he felt that now-familiar touch replaced by the large, blunt head of Spike's cock pushing against him.

Spike grasped the boy's hips and gathered him gently but firmly back into position. "Shush, Luv, I'll make it so good for you. Just mind me now and relax. Xan - don't be afraid of me."

Xander exhaled, closing his eyes and thinking about how incredible Spike's fingers had felt inside him. He wanted that, wanted more - he wanted Spike. He looked from under long lashes and almost imperceptibly nodded, chewing his full lower lip.

Spike's inhaled hiss, as he pushed in, changed to a body-wracking groan as the strong ring of muscles gave way against the insistent pressure and he felt the head of his cock slide in. Blue eyes met brown as they stared at each other in rapture at this exquisite, first penetration. "Gonna go right deep inside you now, Xan. You wanna feel me there, don't you? Push down against me, Pet - makes it easy for you to take me in." Biting down hard on his own lower lip, Spike slid smoothly into the boy's depths.

Xander felt a little pain but not as much as he had always believed there would be. Spike paused for a moment, holding still, "Are you alright?" Xander nodded, his eyes wide and wondering. "OK, just relax, I won't move until you're ready."

Xander panted slightly, not panicking so much as thinking that he should be panicking. <why is so much of my life spent feeling like I should panic?> He concentrated for a while on the soothing strokes of Spike's fingers as they fluttered sensuously across his stomach and flicked at his nipples before tenderly tracing Xander's lips.

Spike stroked the youth's hip with his other hand as he ran his tongue up and down the arm that fiercely gripped his own; he breathed in deeply holding the boy's scent and taste within his mouth. {essence of innocence and depravity. Fuck, there's nothing like it}

Spike's caresses were intoxicating and Xander thrilled to the illicit sexuality pervading his senses. Giving way to the enjoyment of such debauchery, he laughed lightly, chasing the other man's fingers with his tongue. Capturing one, he bit down gently.

"Fuck, yeah!" Spike pressed the fleshy part into Xander's teeth, "Harder, Luv, bite me."

Xander bit down, relishing the groan that this pleasure/pain elicited from his lover. He experimentally tightened the muscles holding Spike inside him only to moan at his enhanced feeling of fullness. He arched up towards Spike, still moaning around the vampire's finger.

"Oh, yeah, you want more, don't you? Fuck, I want to be so deep inside you. You feel so good, Xan, so hot, so tight. Such a fuckin' wonderful place to be. Gonna fuck you so hard, gonna make this so good for you." He thrust all the way into Xander and pulled back. Long, smooth strokes, to ease the alien invasion.

<fuck, I could cum just listening to him saying 'fuck' to me> Gradually adjusting to the strange, mostly pleasant, sensations, Xander suddenly howled. Having grasped Xander by the hips, Spike had pulled him up a little, changing the angle of his strokes. The switch in position was enough to make Xander certain that he'd died and gone to heaven. The OK-feeling of penetration, which was good mainly because it was Spike who was inside him, broke up like the pictures of a kaleidoscope and reformed to become an intense and unexpected cohesion of sensational tactile pleasures which threatened to burst him apart. "Spike, what the hell?"

His lover snarled a smile down at him and again stroked the place of magic that Xander had never known was inside him. "That feel good?"

"Christ, Spike, I never… oh, God yes, again, just there. Aaaaah!" Twisting his hips, Spike hit the spot head on and Xander was lost again in the intensity of the shocks that ran through him.

Confident that he was giving nothing but pleasure, Spike concentrated on his own enjoyment of this new and wonderful coupling. He exhilarated in the youth lying under him; the tightness of Xander's passage and the heat of his human body magnified the sensations Spike felt. Looking down, Spike exulted in the flushed skin and look of ecstasy on the twisting face. Xander's cock was growing hard again and Spike grasped it roughly as he felt his own orgasm tingling up through him, building pressure in his balls and driving his thrusts harder and more erratically into the sweet body that surrounded him. As he pumped at Xander's cock, he felt another hand join his, both men desperate to prove that cuming together wasn't just a myth.

As Xander's mouth opened in a silent scream that heralded his orgasm, Spike thrust hard, as their hands felt the swelling of Xander's cockhead.

Xander, finally seizing and giving voice to the embryonic scream, watched in awe <oh yeah, my cum all over Spike> as he ejaculated over their joined hands and Spike's perfectly muscled chest.

Despite the sudden squeezing of Xander's internal, muscular spasms on his cock, Spike held back his own climax, devouring the sight beneath him. He watched in carnal hunger and delight as the writhing man's face contorted in the beatific agony of orgasm. {beautiful, yeah, make you cum so hard} Then, as Xander started to spiral down, Spike reared up on both hands and drove hard, hitting deeper and deeper until the wave of orgasm roared through his body and he howled his own climax, collapsing onto Xander's shaking body.

The two men again clasped hands and entwined fingers, lying unmoving; rapt in the thoughts of that explosive first-time joining of hard, male bodies. Wrapped in the shelter of each other's arms, they sank into sleep - Spike neither abandoning Xander's body nor Xander releasing Spike from within him.

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