Chapter 11

Xander rose slowly up through the darkness of post-orgasmic coma, still wrapped in the haze of after-glow. The weight of the vampire, still nestled in his arms, emphasised the change in direction his love life had taken and he stared at the back of his closed eyelids as he pondered the consequences of this night. He stroked the soft skin covering the hard-muscled back beneath his fingers as his cock, hard and demanding more action, found itself some friction against Spike's abdomen. <waking up with Spike in my… ass??>

Spike's cock swelled and twitched, as if in answer to Xander's flustered thought and the blond's lips and tongue joined in the waking game as Spike dragged his mouth lazily over as much of Xander's skin as he could reach without lifting his head or turning it too much. "Mmm, Xan, taste like toasted almonds. So warm." As he pushed his face into the crook of Xander's neck his hips mirrored the action and he felt himself burying deeper into the grasping warmth that welcomed his hardening penis. Sighing contentedly, he shifted Xander a little, giving himself better and more comfortable access. His movements were slow and slight. He didn't lift his hips from Xander's but just rocked gently from side to side, occasionally pushing in farther then drawing back slightly as he relaxed.

Xander moved one hand up his lover's back and across a shoulder to the blond head still nestled into him. He danced his fingers through the soft hair surrounded them, stroking Spike's head in the same languorous manner as Spike's cock was stroking inside him.

Neither man had yet opened his eyes since waking; Xander wrapped his fingers in the soft blond hair and dragged Spike's face up to his own for a long, deep kiss that tasted of need and sex and want and gratification.

Feeling the soft flutter of eyelashes against his skin, Spike drew back and stared down at Xander, to see shadowed eyes darkened with lust and sleep. "Fuck, Xander, so beautiful." He followed the lines of the sun-tanned face with his thumb and smiled as the brunet's eyes widened. "You are, you know. Beautiful. Look beautiful, taste beautiful, smell beautiful even sound beautiful when you're groaning and whimpering for me. And fuck, you feel beautiful wrapped tight around me, so tight and hot." Looking at the youth whose body held him so eagerly, Spike's movements changed, became fast and demanding. Hips pistoning his cock desperately in and out of Xander, he arched back, driving deeper and harder into the boy.

Xander's flailing hands finally came to rest in a vice-like grip on Spike's hips, riding them as Spike rode his body. With a snarl, Spike started to cum. It was Xander's turn to revel in watching his lover's orgasm, until, with a shake of his head, Spike's vampire visage glowered down at him. Feral, golden eyes stared blindly as the vampire pumped his release deep into the entranced youth.

As Spike slowly came back to him, Xander stroked the ridges of the vampire's face, marvelling at how different in texture and structure this face <his true face> was from the face of the man. <just another page in the Xand-man's story of sex and demons> As Xander watched, the gold eyes sparked with blue and, before shaking off his game face, Spike grasped the boy's exploring hand and laid it with his on Xander's chest. "You, you didn't have to change back for me." Xander was panting, trying to get over the sexual charge of watching Spike's orgasm - of being the cause of such abandonment: Spike was so careless in his wantonness; so free from constriction and embarrassment when taking his pleasure; so uninhibited in enjoying their bodies - and it was the most erotic thing Xander had ever seen.

"I do, Luv." Spike quirked an eyebrow before sliding down to Xander's neglected erection. "'Less, of course, you don't mind my doing this to you with me fangs." Spike teased at the engorged flesh and nibbled at the tip.

"Aaargh, no. Oh yeah, yessss. Ummm… what?"

"Got to be careful, see pet, don't want to lose any of this. Gonna want it all - gonna want to feel all of it as deep in me as you can get." His lips only gliding along Xander's cock as he spoke, Spike's hand was firm as it stroked up and down. "You wanna cum deep inside me, Xan? My hole grabbing you so tight you won't wanna pull out? Baby, you feel so good in my mouth and you're gonna…"

Spike's last words were lost as Xander slammed into his mouth, an orgasm hitting from nowhere <goddamn, dirty-talking vamp> sending thick, ropey cum pulsing into the vampire's suckling mouth. "Don't… damn, Spike, talk… much... you want… do that to me." Xander gasped, as he felt Spike milk the last of his semen.

Spike let his head fall onto a spasming thigh and rubbed his face against the human's cock, luxuriating in the masculine taste and scent. He swirled the last of the viscous fluid around his mouth for a moment before crawling up Xander's body and sharing it with his boy in a greedy kiss. "You ever tasted yourself like this, pet?" he murmured against the lips still opening to his own.

"Not like… not in… with…" Xander's tongue slipped out to lick his own and, necessarily, also Spike's lips. "God, Spike, I gotta taste you. Want... have you im'mouth, wan' taste all 'f you…" Xander's voice trailed off as he sank back into sleep with a deep, happy-sounding sigh.

Spike gathered him up in his arms and spooned against him. Pulling the younger man's back tight against his chest, his other hand stroked and squeezed Xander's backside. Sliding his fingers up and down inside the cleft, Spike spread the cheeks and briefly ran a fingertip across the opening. He slid his cock into position so that it nestled between the firm buttocks and, wrapping his leg around his lover's hip he followed him into sleep, {oh, you will, pet, you will. You'll taste me very soon now}

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