Chapter 3

As chance, or a malicious sub-conscious, would have it Xander's physical wanderings drove him towards the same target as his mental wanderings were wont to go. With a groan, he realised that he had ended up outside Spike's crypt, with no memory of how he had got there and no idea as to whether he wanted to be there or not.

He hesitated for a long while, as he tried to decide what to do. The sun was still up so there was no danger that he would come face to face with Spike just yet.
<I can be grateful for that, at least. I don't think I could bear to face him right now>

"Make your bloody mind up and stop hovering out there. Either come in or just fuck off."

<right, then. So much for the unobtrusive option> "Ah, hey, Spike. I was um, in the neighbourhood, thought I'd just call and see how you are."

"You've been hanging around 'in the neighbourhood' long enough to affect property prices - and not for the better," grumbled an irritable and half-asleep vampire. <bed-hair Spike> "What the hell do you want? Will you bloody come in, already? You're hovering still; why the hell do you have to hover? Like a bloody horse fly. Sit!"

'Woof, woof, I'm a good doggy,' thought Xander. "Yes, Master," said Xander.

"If I thought for a moment you meant that..." Spike cocked his head and smirked, then sat down on the couch next to his guest. Propping his elbow on the sofa's arm, head on his hand, he moved away a little but turned his body more towards Xander, his other arm draped negligently over the sofa's back. "So, come to be the big bad vampire's body slave have you? Nice offer, Harris, but not sure I'd know what to do with you," he patted Xander's knee patronisingly and waited for the expected confusion.

For once, Xander's brain went straight to the relevant and he realised that he had the perfect opening. He barely registered Spike's fleeting touch as he grasped his opportunity. "I suppose you miss all that stuff, huh? You, know, minions and, and minions and... all that vampire ritual and role-play an', an' sex stuff."

Spike gaped at him, in mid yawn. <sleepy vampire, so cute> <did I just put 'cute' and 'vampire' together in one thought? I am so seriously sick>

"Never been one for ritual, mate. Role-play's always been a favourite, though. Into that sort of thing are you? Want some advice from Uncle Spikey?"

This was going so well. "No, um, well, it's like, I've been wondering about vampires and such. I mean, been killing them for several years and now er, socialising with them. You, socialising with you. Um, oh, Angel, and with Angel before, of course. Just curious, I suppose. You know, the wild monkey sex with, um, with everybody. Just some of the stuff I've read, you know. You do tend to be, like, untethered in your outlook don't you? Vampires? None of this silly human, er, umm..."

Spike had a nostalgic look in his eyes, "Untethered, don't know about that. Seem to remember quite a lot of tethering going on. Angelus was a great one for family ties. Chains in the link of history, sorta thing."

Xander gulped. This was not going so well after all. He wouldn't let himself get sidetracked now. He knew, with a sinking feeling, that if he didn't do something immediatly he would leave and probably never do anything, ever. The trouble was that he had no idea what to do nor, if inspiration struck, how to do it.

"What's the matter, Harris? Pondering the delights of whips and chains? A little young for such exotica, perhaps. Still, plenty of time, no need to rush. All good things are worth waiting for." Spike's expression was unmistakably amused now and Xander felt a spark of annoyance flare. <oh yeah, O Sophisticated One? I'll show you debonair je-ne-swa-cray. Yeah, that's right, I'll urm, oh, god, what can I do?>

Grinning nastily, Spike leaned across Xander and grabbed a cigarette from a pack on the side table, "Fancy a phmmmmmmm..." Xander, grasping his courage and Spike's face in both hands, pressed his mouth to the vampire's and cut off whatever he was starting to say. <yes, Spike, I would fancy a phmmm>

Shocked into silence and immobility, both men froze momentarily as each felt the other's lips against their own. Spike seemed no more surprised than Xander who, despite this initial hesitation, decided he may as well now go on as stop. He pushed one hand back through Spike's uncombed hair gripping the back of his head tightly and leaned further into the kiss. He licked and gnawed on that bottom lip he had been dreaming about then pushed his tongue into the vampire's unprotesting mouth. <and doesn't that make a change, children?>

For an endless moment their tongues met and tangled, then Spike drew slowly away, his face unreadable. Xander was convinced that, for one reason or another, pleasurably or painfully he would be dead before the night was out.

"So, what was all that about?" Spike's voice and demeanour were unruffled, his hands quite steady, as he lit the cigarette which he had retained in his fingers throughout the kiss - but that did nothing to allay the other man's rising panic and his rising.... <let's stick to panic>.

"Decided to take your old buddy, Spike, on a crossing-over-the-road trip? Not really my scene, mate. Oh! I see, that's what all that talk about vampire ritual and whatnot was about." He stood up and walked over to the small fridge. "All that so-called sire/childe sex bonding - you really think that Angelus and I were shagging each other rotten across the continents in between massacres? You shouldn't believe everything you read in those books, you know. Who do you think tells the Watchers the stories in the first place?" He opened the fridge and looked inside.

"I suppose I should feel flattered but I've been quite happy with women up till now, would need a bloody good reason to change the habits of a lifetime, you know. " Retrieving two bottles of beer from the fridge, <oh, no, bent-over Spike. Not helping here> he flipped their caps off and handed one to Xander. "Here, as I was saying before I got so rudely interrupted, want a beer?"

"Any chance you could add something nice and fatal to that? Some arsenic or something similar?" Xander took the beer but declined to look up.

Spike took a long draught of his drink then looked thoughtfully down at the dejected, embarrassed youth. Sitting on the arm of the couch, he nudged the other man's leg with his bare toes. Getting no acknowledgement, he ran his foot lightly along the top of Xander's thigh; he was rewarded with a soft hiss and a palpable quiver. "You know, pet, when I said I'd need a good reason to try something different, that wasn't necessarily a put down or a flat-out refusal. Not many things I haven't tried before - might be an idea to consider this one."

Xander raised his eyes from the fascinating panorama of crypt floor but still would not look at Spike. He chose to study a lampstand that Spike seemed to be strangely fond of; Xander remembered it from all of Spike's previous residences. "OK, so you think I'm an idiot, that goes without saying but I've never done this before, either, and why you have to be the only guy I've ever fancied I don't know and I don't know what else to say because I don't know what to say at all and I think I'll just shut up now."

"You mean that's all it takes? Oh, that I could have known that sooner. The secret to a silent Xander is finally discovered." Spike grinned and, yes, he saw Xander's lips twitch and finally break in to a rueful smile.

"Now all I have to do is find out what will shut you up, bleach boy," sniped Xander.

"Think you had that covered a few minutes ago didn't you? And all I was going to say was 'do you fancy a beer?'"

Xander flushed in further embarrassment but could not hide the accompanying twitch in his jeans as his cock grew hard at the memory of the kiss they had shared. He fought against dropping his gaze again and succeeded in locking stares with the vampire.

For a while, Spike tapped his toes, in rythm to silent music, on the thigh lying next to him then idly rubbed one arched foot against Xander's growing bulge. "So, you fancy me and fancy corrupting me, hey, pet?" His voice dropped from conversational to husky, "Wanna take that lovely big cock of yours out and slide it slooowly into my mouth while I wrap my tongue around you and suck so, so hard? Or do you want to drape me legs over your shoulders while you drive into me arse, again and again?"

Xander felt his mouth go dry but couldn't, now, drag his eyes away from the brilliant blue gaze that was getting closer and closer. "Of course," the back of one long finger stroked down his cheek as a pair of cool, sensuous lips almost brushed his own, "We could see what that tight, virgin arse of yours would look like hoisted high in the air as you knelt on all fours in front of me. Mmm, beautiful, real beautiful... I'm sure I could find lots of lovely things to do with it."

Xander lost the ability to breathe as Spike's lips finally touched his; shaking, he closed his eyes in anticipation.

Suddenly Spike was gone and speaking to him from the doorway, "OK, Harris, I'll consider it. Bye." He held the door open and jerked his head.

Before he knew what was happening, Xander was outside, beer neatly swiped from his hand, looking at a firmly closed door.

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